Information Technology

The information technology team offers development services and support to Alexion offices globally from our office in Mumbai. Our objective is to provide best-in-class IT services and improve process efficiency, standardisation, automation, end-to-end process engineering and delivery innovation. We currently provide support in the areas of SAP and IT Development, Automation and Infrastructure Support, and expect these areas to grow over time.


The SAP team provides three crucial functions to the company:

  • The SAP functional and development group provides technical and functional consulting services within SAP, as well as resolution for complex ABAP-related technical problems. Additionally, this group manages end-to-end implementation and reengineering for some of the most critical SAP systems within the organization.
  • The SAP business intelligence group collects data and enables faster decision-making through increased analytics, improved performance and advanced dashboard solutions.
  • The SAP basis and security support team provides 24/7 support to Global SAP users and projects, ensuring smooth execution of SAP business solutions across the globe.

IT Development, Automation and Infrastructure Support

The information technology development and automation group works across a range of functions, including automation and application development, designing custom, user-friendly solutions to increase productivity and support other critical functions globally, such as human resources, commercial, finance, and R&D. The Development and Automation functions are split across following groups:

  • The Salesforce automation and mobility group automates solutions and provides high-end consulting to global stakeholders in the Salesforce space. This group also oversees the implementation of mobile technology solutions across diverse functions, including mobile architecture.
  • The Sharepoint Development group works closely with ABS and global teams to develop powerful custom solutions. This group provides a wide range of services to address various business needs through collaboration, document management, version control, workflows and other data management solutions.
  • The Technology Team also includes capabilities in ASP.NET, Mobility, and other technologies that support our business functions.

In addition, the Infrastructure team provides local and global network monitoring and support, while the IT Validation team performs required checks for GMP and FDA compliance in our processes, procedures and computer systems and publishes guidelines and standards for system validation.

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